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I don’t know about you beautiful lady, but my mother wasn’t my go-to resource when it came to sex. Obviously, she had some...LOL...

but she didn’t feel comfortable and never wanted to talk to me about sex outside of don’t have any before marriage, right?

During my studies to become a Master Sexpert- Sexolgest (yeah, I went to school for that), I underwent a hysterectomy that threw me into menopause at the age of 38. I didn’t know what menopause, a hysterectomy would do to my sex drive, my body, my self esteem.

  • Luckily my husband is in the medical field and knew a little about what I was going through, but I didn’t always want to talk to him. Sometimes I want to rip his head off. What about you?

  • Who are you talking to about this important, life changing season in your life and marriage? Hopefully, not a well-meaning hairstylist or manicurist who doesn’t have the right information either. Yeah, you need an expert.

  • I answer questions like why it is so hard to achieve the Big O and is penetration necessary to having a fulfilling sex life. Important stuff, right? That’s why the Let’s Talk About Sex virtual workshop is so important to me.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex (2023)

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    For 4 hours, online from the comfort of your home, I am going to teach you:

  • The Importance of a Woman's Sexual Health

  • Sexual Physical/Emotional Health of a Woman

  • The Sexual Response Cycle

  • Orgasms/Foreplay

  • Rev up a low sex drive

  • Remedies for vaginal dryness and painful sex

  • And much, much more!

  • Presenter

    Hey. I'm Dr. Gail Crowder

    As a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life coach, I help couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve the quality of their marriage. With my help, couples and wives rejuvenate their marriages and increase intimacy, love and AMAZING sex between them.

    The outcome is a more meaningful, loving connection. Dr. Gail teaches you can have a sensual and satisfying marriage without losing yourself or what makes you happy.

    Testimonials for Dr. Gail

    "My spouse and I enjoyed reading about better love making through reading Dr. Gail’s book Great Sex. We highly recommend this book. Read it with an open heart and an open mind."

    Mike & Tanny Taplin

    Sex between me and my husband had become boring. After working with Dr. Gail for 5 sessions me and my husband were able to connect not only physically but emotionally.

    Tracey S.

    Register For This Webinar And Learn These Secrets:

  • Secret #1 - The Importance of a Woman's Sexual Health

  • Secret #1 - Sexual Physical/Emotional Health of a Woman

  • Secret #1 - The Sexual Response Cycle

  • Secret #1 - Orgasms/Foreplay

  • Secret #1 - Remedies for vaginal dryness and painful sex